Equine Swimming Pool

Our Equine Hydrotherapy pool is a purpose built 150 foot straight pool.

The straight design enables the horse to swim with an even posture so that all muscles are worked equally and avoiding any strain on the back and joints.

The pool has a maximum depth of 12ft and has rubberised slip resistant gradual descent entry and exit ramps. The pump filtration system keeps the chlorinated water clean and clear at all times.

Equine Swimming Pool
Equine Hydrotherapy Pool

Horses do not need to be taught to swim but they do need assistance in learning a good technique.

They quickly learn to relax and enjoy the water. Once familiar with swimming, they are able to build on the amount of time they spend in the water.

During a swimming session, two lunge reins are used and a person walks either. side of the pool to guide the horse.

At the end of every length the horse is guided up the ramp, they can be assessed and have a break if needed and then turned and walked back down the ramp to start another length. When fit, a horse can complete up to 15 lengths!

After swimming, horses are dried off and can cool down in the horse walker or have a session under the solarium.

The solarium also increases circulation helping to dissipate any acids built up during exercise.

horse swimming pool

Benefits of Swimming

  • Reduced downtime after injury
  • Maintains fitness & condition during recovery
  • Lower chance of injuries reoccurring
  • Improves overall fitness
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves Respiration
  • Improves Circulation
  • Improves muscle tone
  • All muscles, tendons and ligaments are evenly worked

  • Non weight bearing
  • Improves balance by teaching the horse to swim in a straight line
  • No concussion caused by impact on hard ground
  • Excellent treatment for laminitis, excessive weight and foot injuries
  • Exercise for horses who would otherwise be confined to box rest
  • Excess energy can be burnt off safely
  • Keeps horses in top form long term – both mentally and physically
  • Mental stimulation & ‘freshening up’ by varying the exercise routine
  • Reduced veterinary bills
  • Competitive Edge

There are many major benefits of swimming to the equine athlete.

Horses that are out of work through injury can very quickly lose fitness and muscle tone but swimming allows physical fitness and condition to be maintained while the injury heals.

Swimming also offers a welcome change to standard training programmes and can freshen up tired or stale horses that may have been hard in training.