Equestride Dynamic Support System (DSS)

The Equestride Dynamic Support System (DSS) is an articulated load-limiting device for the metacarpophalangeal (fetlock) joints in equines of all types.

The DSS device utilises lightweight material and technology pioneered in the motorsport industry along with a unique “artificial tendon” to limit downward force through the distal limb.

Main Components of the Equestride DSS

  • Double Skin Cannon Collar
  • Artificial Tendon
  • Double Skin Cannon Collar
  • Canon front panel
  • Pastern front panel
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The benefits of carbon fiber:

  • Carbon fiber is among the strongest materials on earth due to the chainlike bonds of its molecules. This structure is created during chemical reactions and temperatures used in manufacture..
  • Carbon fiber is 5 times lighter than steel, and therefore 5 times as strong in that respect.

The Artifical Tendon (AT)

This feature enables the device to be load-limiting.

The Design

  • The AT is a unique triangular-shaped component of the devices and utilizes wraparound strength at the pastern collar.
  • The AT is exceptionally strong, yet flexible enough to allow a full range of movement.
  • The AT is responsible for the amount of extension of the device at the various settings.
  • The AT, along with some of the metal components can wear out and is one of the reasons regular maintenance and refurbishment are required.